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Free Email Verifier

Make sure all your communications are validated, and do not affect
your sender reputation. Try it out now, and start delivering with confidence.

Why email reputation is important?

We have devoted our life to making sure your emails are safe, and get delivered 100% of the time. We do it using a bunch of tools like 99% accuracy email verifier, and AI monitoring for campaigns, precise subscription management to say the least.

We do not recommend you as a business owner to focus on these things, all you should be doing is "send that email" - you don't have time for this.

This is where our app comes in place, an extremely fast & fluent experience to verify your emails, clean your mailing list, and send out campaigns without the fear of landing to spam, or getting your email reputation hurt.

Why should you verify emails?

Hard bounces

One of the most important reason is to remove any hard bouncing emails, since those emails do not exist, and will directly affect your sender reputation.

Prevent blacklisting

It is evident that many of senders get blacklisted on a daily basis purely due to the fact that they're either sending bulk emails to a lot of invalid recipients, or they're sending spam content, or simply the receiver can't receive your emails.

Better accuracy

Imagine sending bulk emails to 500 people and 50% of them are invalid. That affects your data & statistics, you should know the exact reason why those 50% failed.

Transactional emails are important

And we understand this, that is why our AI monitors every single email that goes out, and prevents you from getting bad reputation, or getting banned, because we truly honor the makers community.

Makers don't have time for chores, which is why let us do the rigorous work, and you focus on what truly matters!